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Now more than ever do we see how technology is critical in providing access for all. Everyday tasks and activites that would require a physical presence are shifting to online spaces. There are tools to work with your team, visit a museum, and get your groceries from home. 

One group activity we’re excited about is hosting a virtual Netflix party. Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension, allows you and your friends to watch movies together. There’s even a chat room that allows you to communicate throughout the show as if you were lounging next to each other.

For this to work, you need Google Chrome, downloaded the Netflix Party extension, and a Netflix subscription. 

Here’s how to have a successful Netflix party:


1. At least 20 minutes before the party, go to and download the extension for Google Chrome.

2. Click “Add to Chrome” then “Add extension” in the pop-up window. You should find the Netflix Party extension on the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser. (It’s the “NP” icon next to the address bar). 

3. Log into Netflix (if you haven’t already) on Google Chrome. Your host will provide with a link, open it and you will be taken to the movie.

4. Click the Netflix Party icon (now in red) to sync with the host and to see the chatroom.

5. Sit back and engage in the chatroom while waiting for the host to start the show!